"Hack" implies a shortcut, and that's not really how LinkedIn Pulse works.

True, a well-written post can indeed get you a great deal of attention but don't expect overnight success.  As this article suggests, it requires time, effort and a plan.

That all said, if you follow all of the suggestions here, you will start seeing a lot more visitors to your profile page.  It's then up to you to start conversations which build relationships.

From a personal perspective, I happen to think that the LinkedIn home page feed is a bit of a mess - lying somewhere between hardcore business posts and Facebook.  And that's a problem for LinkedIn because at the moment it's neither one thing nor the other.

It's no surprise that some of the  most popular posts on LinkedIn feature human interest stories, and which inevitably attract comments like "This isn't appropriate for LinkedIn."  

But if you can craft content which harnesses emotion, human interest and a good strong business message which helps people, then you will be on to a winning post.